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Keno is most similar to the lotteries played today. There are balls in a sealed drum that are randomly drawn and compared to the numbers selected by the player. Payouts are made depending on how many numbers the player chose and how many of the player's numbers match the drawn numbers.

Like Craps, Keno has some unique jargon.

  • Call - To draw the numbers for each game.
  • Catch - To catch a number means that a number you have marked on your keno ticket has been drawn.
  • Combination Way Ticket - A ticket in which groups of numbers are bet several different ways, allowing the player to spread money over several combinations.
  • Keno Board - A large electronic board that displays the winning keno numbers.
  • Number Pool - The range of numbers from which you select the ones you want to play. A typical keno pool ranges from 1 to 80.
  • Spot - Any number from 1 to 80 that a player selects on a keno ticket. It also refers to the number of numbers that are marked on a ticket.
  • Touch Wand - A pointing device used on some video keno machines to select numbers.

How to Play Keno

When starting a keno game for the first time the keno table is empty – no numbers are selected and the default wager amount is active. Re-entering the game will show your last game state status.

Select a wager by clicking on one of the COIN buttons, and select up to fifteen numbers on the keno ticket. The number of marks chosen is shown in the 'Total Numbers Played' field and the paytable changes depending on how many marks you have selected.

Once you are ready to start the game click on one of the PLAY buttons. This starts the balls bouncing and randomly dropping from drum. As a ball drops from the drum they roll across the screen and the number is displayed on the ball once it has come to a complete stop.

If you have successfully predicted a catch the following three things happen:

  1. On the Keno ticket, your mark changes colour,
  2. The ball and number change color.
  3. The paytable highlights to show that a catch was made.

When all twenty numbers have been drawn you can see the number of catches on the PAYTABLE and the amount you won in the PAYOUT field.

If you clicked on the PLAY 5 or PLAY 10 buttons the balls then roll off the table and new numbers are drawn until all 5 or 10 plays are completed. After each game your casino account balance is adjusted, the  paytable shows the payout (number of tokens), and how many catches remain.

To play again click on the CLEAR, PLAY 1, PLAY 5 or PLAY 10 button.


Keno Buttons

The COIN buttons are used to choose and adjust the size of your bet. The bets can only be changed or added between games.

The Keno Ticket is the large grid of numbers from 1 through 80. Left click on a Keno ticket button to select and highlight up to fifteen numbers. You can also unselect a number by clicking on a highlighted number..

The PLAY buttons start a new game of Keno. The PLAY 1 button plays a single game of Keno, the PLAY 5 button plays five successive games using the same numbers and wager, and the PLAY 10 button plays ten successive games of Keno using the same numbers and wager.

The CLEAR button removes all selected numbers from the Keno ticket and removes the balls that were drawn.

The REBET button resets the game by removing the balls from the table and leaves your selected numbers on the Keno ticket.


Keno Table Limits and Payouts

The minimum machine wager is one $1.00 coin and the maximum wager is one $10.00 coin.

The payouts for Keno depend upon the number of marks you selected.

Below is a table showing the paytable for the various numbers of marks and catches.

# of Catches


If you selected 11 marks and correctly predicted 6 catches you would win 6 times your initial bet.

If you selected 4 marks and correctly predicted 1 catch you would win half your initial bet.

If you selected 15 marks and correctly predicted 11 catches you would win 300 times your initial bet.


Keno Rules

  1. Twenty balls are drawn per game from the eighty balls available in Keno.
  2. The wager made stays the same no matter how many marks are on the ticket.
  3. The ticket has a minimum of 1 mark and a maximum of 15 marks.
  4. You can change your mark(s) or wager between games only.
  5. If you selected PLAY 5 or PLAY 10 you can change your mark(s) or wager after all 5 or 10 games are completed.
  6. Payouts are dependant on the number of catches made and the value of the coin wagered.



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