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Mega Money Mine Red Dog is a card game that was introduced to the casinos of Nevada in the 1980’s. This game is also referred to as Yablon, Ace Deuce, In Between or Between The Sheets. This single hand game is played on Blackjack sized tables with a shoe holding one deck of cards.

How to Play Red Dog

Place the amount you would like to bet in the "BET" circle, and click on "Deal" button. The dealer will deal two cards face up from one standard deck of 52 cards. If the two cards are consecutive, another game must be initiated.

Based on the spread between the pair of cards, you must decide whether to "Raise" or not, and click the appropriate button. If you choose to raise, the same amount that you raised is place in the RAISE circle and your bet is increase by the same amount.

Then a third card is dealt. The player wins if the third card falls between the first set of cards. A special winning case is created when all three dealt cards are the same.

Card values are as follows:

Two through Ten are worth their face values

Jacks are worth 11

Queens are worth 12

Kings are worth 13

Aces are worth 14


Red Dog Table Limits and Payouts

Minimum wager amount is $ 1.00 and the maximum is $ 200.00, for each bet.

Payout Schedule

Players will be paid based on the following payout schedule.

Spread Payout
1 Card 5 to 1
2 Cards 4 to 1
3 Cards 2 to 1
4+ Cards 1 to l
Three of a Kind 11 to 1


Rules of Red Dog

1. Red Dog is a single hand game where a player does not compete against the dealer.

2. All bets are paid out according to the scale displayed on the game table.

3. Player can click on the Deal button to start game only after placing a Bet.

4. Clicking the Raise button will increase bet amount by the initial bet.

5. The SPREAD is equal to the number of cards between the two cards dealt, not including them, for example the spread between  4 and 7 is 2.

6. All table limits and payouts will be as indicated in the Payouts and Table Limits page.

7. A games is considered a PUSH if the first 2 cards are consecutive, for example  7D - 8S or 9C - 10D.

8. Card values are as follows:

9. Two through Ten are worth their face values

a) Jacks are worth 11

b) Queens are worth 12

c) Kings are worth 13

d) Aces are worth 14


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