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Play the guessing game when you enter the colorful world of Ultimate HiLo, an action packed Flash game. How will you decide if the next card will be higher or lower than yours? Guess the suit and color too for even more winnings! Get in the game!

How to Play Ultimate HiLo

The player must enter an initial wager amount and click "Play". These buttons can be selected and de-selected at will. The bet will be relayed along with the amount that it stands to return if successful. Payouts will vary based on bet permutations, thus allowing the player to check out how much each outcome will return.

When a wager is selected the player clicks on submit button.  Then he will be prompted to select a card. Player can click on any of the faced down cards and it will be turned over.

If a wager is won, the payout rolls up and goes forward as the stake for the next wager, therefore making the betting system an accumulative one. The player has the option of cashing out whenever he wants after winning the initial bet by clicking the collect button.

After cashing out or losing in a game, your initial stake is automatically repeated in the ‘Enter Starting Stake’ box. You can change this amount as you wish.


Ultimate HiLo Limits and Payouts

Minimum bet limit for this game is $ 0.50 and Maximum bet limit is $1000.00.

Payouts are based on the type of bet (or a combination of bets) chosen in relation to the card being revealed. The lower the probability of next being a winning wager, the higher the payout. The player is made aware of the payout for any combination of a wager chosen ahead of submitting the bet in the Possible Win box on the game screen.


Ultimate HiLo Rules

Once the first of nine cards is revealed, the player needs to make an initial bet. Wagers can be placed for an outcome of the next card being higher, lower, a black, a red, a club, a spade, a heart, a diamond, a higher black, a lower black, a higher red, a lower red, a higher club, a higher spade, a lower club, a lower spade, a higher heart, a higher diamond, a lower heart or a lower diamond. These are the twenty available betting permutations.

There is no need to make a higher or lower bet if the player chooses not to. A simple wager can be placed for the next card being black or red, or the card being a club, a spade, a heart or a diamond. However, no wagers can be placed on the next card being for instance, higher, black and a club. This is because inclusion of ‘black’ is an unnecessary word in the bet statement. A player is effectively betting that the next card will be higher and a club. So, this is the correct bet to submit. The card being black is inclusive within this bet since club is always a black card.



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