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All Star Horse Racing

All Star Horse Racing

Welcome to All Star Horse Racing

Feel the pulse-pounding excitement of the race track as you watch your horse head for the finish line. This vivid and amazing realistic game lets you view the odds and check the facts on the jockey and trainee before you place your bets. Experience before you place your bets. Experience the All Star fun!

How to Play All Star Horse Racing

Player selects the appropriate number on the horses on which he wishes to wager in the Win Only section. Player also has a choice of wagering on a combination of horses in the Forecast section. A 6 X 6 square matrix is visible with odds provided in the left column. A player can choose any number of wager combinations from this grid.

All Star Horse Racing is a game of skill involving fixed odds and a player is just as likely to win in one race as in any other. Therefore money won on the last five races has nothing to do with the probability of winning on the next race for example. So, if the player has the necessary skill and judgment, it is possible to win on every race that is wagered.


All Star Horse Racing Limits and Payouts

Minimum bet limit for this game is $0.50.

Payouts are too numerous to list here. However, all payouts are clearly visible to the player within the game before placing the bet.


All Star Horse Racing Rules

The player has a choice of wagering on a single horse or a combination of winner and runner up. The player is betting against the house. As with any horse race in real life, the house is the bookmaker laying the odds for players and the punter to receive. If the player wins a wager, the house pays out winnings and vice versa.


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